The Rigden Shide Association

This association is for the benefit of all people regardless of religion or philosophy.

The association's main aim is to develop awareness of the preciousness of our environment and to inner and world peace through a variety of practices, including self-healing using mantra, mudra, colour and sound therapies, and other techniques, including visualisation, crystals and meditation, harmonising the elements and energies.

This ear-whispered lineage of Ganden Mahamudra (Ganden Kargyu Chagya Chenpo) is the essence of the ocean of all the Buddha's tantric teachings which can heal all of the gross and subtle levels, and has been passed down through an unbroken lineage of Tibetan Masters.

This secret practice of relaxation, which is a source of all benefit and happiness is called “The Pure Crystal Form” (the “lado” of life essence of the pure elements or crystals).

As the founder and spiritual head of the Rigden Shide Association, Mili Tulku Rinpoche, is continuing to spread this message of peace, happiness and well-being throughout the world. Om Bishwa Shanti Hum…

 This prayer wheel depicts "Om Mani Padme Hum"

It is the mantra of compassion - of universal love and the wish that all beings enjoy good conditions.


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