The Things That Jim Does

Interests that keep me off the streets - so to speak!


Jim's Motto - Do What Interests You..!

My diversity is probably what has kept me sane (I hope!) all these years. Examining my CV a while ago, I discovered that the secret for my staying in any job for more than a couple of years, was to have a real challenge and nothing routine or mundane to address. This propelled me into identifying who I am today - or at least what I do today that I enjoy and foster. So, if you would also like to know, then read on...

I can't say it is complete, but it does cover quite a lot. You could even say that, given the chance, I would probably do anything - if I was interested... and you are probably correct... So here in alphabetical order are some of those things I do today. Mind you in the past my scope of activities was substantially larger, but, hey, I'm getting older! So, here goes:

A-Thai-5 Restaurant and Takeaway - those who know me well enough, know that I have always had an affinity for food, so it should come as no surprise to find that I now support my wife's simply superb business accomplishment at Mitchelton.  This restaurant has quickly become a very popular and well patronised venue, delivering truly authentic and delicious Thai cuisine.  Whet you apetite...hmmm..? Click here for more.

Archery - inheriting a compound bow and other gear recently, I have rekindled an old sport of mine, from when I was around 15 years old. The hardware has changed somewhat since those days, but as a sport, the skill and exercise is a refreshingly new activity...all I have to do now is master it all again..!

Buddhism - predominantly Zen - Trust in Mind : emptiness and impermanence : wisdom and compassion : relative and absolute truth - previouslyly President of the Buddhist Council of Queensland, but now just a member of their management committee. Still quite active in supporting various dharma centres, in particular Wat Lao at Bellbeird Park

Business support - consulting; business, strategic and marketing planning; feasability studies and trend analyses, providing support for those considering a future in the restaurant community

Justice of the Peace (Qualified) - Qld. - another community activity for those in need.

Middle-eastern Drumming - a grounded connection with primal rythms and energies. I need to do more though..! Belly-dancers make good friends! Just check out AMED here

Philosophy - contemplation of the meaning of life and friendly debating such issues.

Photography - capturing those "NOW!" moments, telling a story or making a statement - accredited photographer to various public events and festivals, including the Woodford Folk Festival

Travel - 4WD - maintaining touch with the perfections that Nature provides us with to live; enjoying the bush, rivers, streams, mountains and forests - sharing not destroying these gifts.

Wellness - through LifeVantage products - again, those who know me also know I do not spruik falsities. I and my wife have been distributors for an amazing product - Protandim - a herbal blend that has testimonials and scientific testing that supports the claims in favour of this product's capacity to reduce oxidative stress and its affects on our bodies and metabolism generally. We have been using this product for several years now and can attest to the benefits we have received physiologically over this time with many friends now also enjoying those same benefits through us. If you would like to know more about this product and how to purchase same, just click here.

Working at our small farm - not necessariy offering a "break" from work, but a diversion that truly refreshes and allows one to again, merge with our surroundings and enjoy Nature's gifts...truly blessed..!

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