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Interests that keep me off the streets - so to speak!


Jim's Motto - Do What Interests You..!

My diversity is probably what has kept me sane (I hope!) all these years. Examining my CV a while ago, I discovered that the secret for my staying in any job for more than a couple of years, was to have a real challenge and nothing routine or mundane to address. This propelled me into identifying who I am today - or at least, what I do today that I enjoy and foster. So, if you would also like to know, then read on...

I can't say it is complete, but it does cover quite a lot. You could even say that, given the chance, I would probably do anything - if I was interested... and you are probably correct... So here in alphabetical order are some of those things I do today. Mind you, in the past, my scope of activities was substantially larger, but, hey, I'm getting older! So, here goes:

A-Thai-5 Restaurant and Takeaway - those who know me well enough, know that I have always had an affinity for food, so it should come as no surprise to find that my wife and I own a very popular Thai restaurant in MItcehelton and well patronised, delivering truly authentic and delicious Thai cuisine.  Whet you apetite...hmmm..? Click here for more.

Archery - From when I was around 15 years old, I took up the sport of archery, and since then I have been in and out of that activity. As a sport, the skill and exercise is refreshing...and a huge help for an aging back and spine..! I enjoy participating in competition shoots as a member of Grange Bowmen. Archery is also an excellent form of meditation and breathing in keeping with Japanese Zen - practicing "mu shin" or "no mind" (Kyudo) - you should check it out.

Buddhism - predominantly Zen - Trust in Mind : emptiness and impermanence : wisdom and compassion : relative and absolute truth - I have had the good fortune to have studied Buddhism under four higly recognized teachers across two traditions, for some three decades, resulting in my being given permission to teach the dharma and subsequently established ny own meditation and study groups, which I conducted for some years. I consider myself a Rime Buddhist who practices Zen.

I also hold a perception of how we all survive in THIS Life through the symbiotic relationship between Gaia and Buddha - I first formulated this hypothesis circa 1985 after reading Dr James Lovelock's book - Gaia. His own hypothesis stated that the biosphere has a regulatory effect on the Earth's environment that acts to sustain life. He went on further to suggest that Man's greed and wanton consumption of the world's resources in the name of profits, is Gaia's most formidable challenge in her 5 billion year existence, and one she may well Mankind's detriment. This samsaric realm we share is this same world as described by Gaia and represents the physical confines we are experiencing and which sustain this Life in our own Journey towards Enlightenment. Through supporting and sustaining this Life physically, we are then allowed to pursue Enlightenment through study of the dharma as taught by the Buudha. Without the first the second would be dificult if not impossible and therefore there is the intrinsic interconnectedness of of all things and includes all forms of Life including sentient beings - a symbiotic relationshsip between Gaia and Buddha, and both a worthy of our utmost respect.

I have also devoted myself to the study of just how Buddhist philosophy mirrors modern medical and physical sciences, even quantum physics and in truly awsome ways... 2500 years ago the Buddha delivered the Abhidharma discourses which are today being validated in many and more ways as science and technology make advances into the body, mind and universe.

I was also President of the Buddhist Council of Queensland, for several years. I am still quite active in supporting various dharma centres, in particular Wat Lao at Bellbird Park and Chenrezig Institute near Eudlo on the Sunshine Coast

Business support - consulting/mentoring businesses small to medium [SME's], strategic and marketing planning; feasability studies and trend analyses, risk mmanagement, providing support for those considering a future in the restaurant community, or can gain a snapshot of my credentials here.

Haiku - the traditonal Japanese Zen poetry - which promotes thought before speaking with a simple concise structure - or practicing KISS in speech (as I suggest). Please see a sample of my efforts to share as you will. Since this collation began, it has now evolved into a sort-of Haiku chronology of my life's Journey. While I retain copyright, I am happy to share with acknowledgement.

Justice of the Peace (Qualified) - Qld. - another community activity for those in need.

Middle-eastern Drumming - a grounded connection with primal rythms and energies. I need to do more though..! Belly-dancers make good friends! Just check out AMED here

Philosophy - contemplation of the meaning of life and friendly debating such issues.

Photography - capturing those "NOW!" moments, telling a story or making a statement - this interest commenced when I was about 13 and remains a significant interest today, having many photographs published and acheived in becoming an accredited photographer to various public events and festivals, including the Woodford Folk Festival. It also comes in handy when photographing our restaurant's meals for menus and promotions.

Travel - 4WD - maintaining touch with the perfections that Nature provides us with to live; enjoying the bush, rivers, streams, mountains and forests - sharing not destroying these gifts.

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