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Who is Jim Ferguson..?


Born in 1950, I have generally had an interest in people and that BIG question "why are we here?"

Leaving College with the idea of becoming a "scientist" - perhaps another Albert Schweitzer(?) - at least someone who would bring benefit to mankind, I quickly found myself too distracted by other philosophical questions and the understanding that "diversity delivers knowledge and application validates it as wisdom", I left before completing the diploma, intead pursuiing that mantra which felt so perfect for me.

This became the catalyst for the rest of my working life - having worked for some sixteen organisations, including some of my own, held numerous positions and had a truly fortunate, wide-ranging, variety of responsibilities and job descriptions. I have worked for two separate state governments, small family companies, national and large multi-nationals, non-government organisations (NGO's) and charities and non-profits, and in many capacities from clerk and sales rep, manager, project manager, WHSO, up to managing director and proprietor. This has also covered many states and territories within Australia as well as Singapore and Malaysia. For almost forty of these years, I have been effectively self-employed, as well as being a consultant to small business, that in itself including many different "hats".

Much of the emphasis has been in the engineering/building/property and food areas, from manufacturing and wholesale, through to retail. I have also possessed a very strong electrical/electronic interest which evolved into an active involvement in computers, communications and technology generally.

Through the many consultancy contracts I have been associated with over these past many years and my own business activities, I have now built up an effective view of the good and bad aspects of many businesses and can help to solve the problems which may be affecting a business; or I can apply practical experience to a potential venture in helping to develop a functional business plan.

In the more recent years I worked with Karuna Hospice Services, a buddhist-founded and operated charity that delivers in-home palliative care to families in Brisbane and near-Sunshine Coast - families that prefer their loved-ones to share the last days with etheir family in the peace and familiarity of the family home. This has been one of the most personally rewarding for me personally and I have no doubt benefitted greatly from this association.

I then resumed my consulting persona, focussing predominantly on Workplace Health and Safety, and Quality and Risk Management, I again offered my services to help those in need, be that personally or in a business capacity, those same and new skills being available to anyone seeking them.

For four years I was employed by the Queensland Museum as their Building /Facility Manager for their high-security, off-site storage facility that also incorporates working GeoScience laboratories and much more - truly stimulating and rewarding, The last years there concentrated on managing the construction and commissioning of a new substantial environment-controlled room and other major refurbishments thatwill assist QM in the operations into the future.

My genuine goal is to be able to help people in a positive way, without too much concern for how, as long it satisfies the five precepts of buddhist philosophy and practice (NO killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct or taking intoxicants - in other words - NO HARMING anyone, including self). This is also demonstrated by my holding Workplace Health & Safety Officer and Fire Safety Adviser certifications for Queensland for many of those years.

I am also a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) for Queensland, having previously held the position of Justice of the Peace since 1981, and take the responsibility very seriously, helping the community in this role, from witnessing documents to assisting Police with their activities. It is through such community involvement that one can truly see how our society is changing - not always for the better either! You can read my position on a number of issues, by taking a look at my "Soap Box" ; link - and I welcome any comments you may have.

Outside of my day-to-day role, I was also the president of the Buddhist Council of Queensland, for more than six years, and am an accredited photographer and enjoy taking on photographic assignments.

These days, my wife and I operate a popular Thai restaurant in Brisvegas.  Since 2010, A-Thai-5 Restaurant & Takeaway has continued to attract new patrons and with Certt IV-qualified chefs at the helm, all meals can be supplied that cater to any dietary or social requirements without any problem.

 As for "where to from here"? Faith in my philosophy of "going with the flow - while still paddling" while ensuring that my Journey will continue to unfold in wonder and interesting experiences....

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