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Optimum Enterprises was formed as the vehicle to help people in their business activities. It's focus is small business, covering all aspects of operation, from feasibility, implementation, management, sale, through to winding up.

Established in 1985, it has shaped itself to be well-versed in identifying common business problems, how to correct those problems, and how to avoid them. Discipline is the key to business success and flexibility is the doorway. Information and access to it, will become, more and more, the floor upon which, everything else will be built.

My motto is "Success = People + Plan + Technology" and this sums it all up.

Without People, there is no business - no staff, no customers, no suppliers, not even product - nothing! It is the first and foremost element of every activity - commercial or otherwise.

Working without a Plan is like navigating through a foreign country without a map! You might get to where you're going, but by which route, how long, how many detours, how many wrong-turns? A little planning in the beginning, or for that matter, at any stage in the journey, can produce clear benefits to those involved and the time element can be far better managed.

Technology is the means to share those plans with the people! It is crucial to the process since it links the first two components to make the picture complete. Its foundation is Communication. This should be treated as a tool to use, not as a dictator of procedures! There is absolutely no doubt that almost every venture requires some contribution from today's technology - even floors are cleaned with modern detergents, not just soap. Whether a business truly needs a high-tech network server or just use a pen and pad, is an issue unique to that particular business. It is proper selection and use which is critical. Computers are a fact of everyday life, and mobile phones. Choosing and understanding the apprporiate software and applications to maximize the effectivess of an enterprise is also critical. What types of technology and to what extent they are deployed are the real issues which must be addressed - just like this environment we are in right now - the Web..!

The Internet, by itself, is the fastest growing, most socially impacting and commercially stimulating innovation to arrive since television. In the same way as radio impacted upon newspapers, and as television affected radio, just sit back and watch how the Internet is going to alter so many things in our everyday life.

Success comes from blending all these elements into a function which fulfils a need of society and which the owners choose to provide. Just being able to make or do something does not, by itself, guarantee that it will be taken up by consumers and the owner will reap huge rewards. Similarly, just because a business already exists, does not automatically confirm that it will continue to survive over time. A NICE way to evalaute Success is to consider it's Net Improvement in Conditions for Everyone.... a quirky acronym but profound if iven some consideration.

The above Success formula can be likened to how to make a delicious and enjoyable cake - People are the most essential ingredient, Plan is the recipe to produce it, and Communication as the milk, water, cream etc, to bind them all together and bring it into being as a cake. Just how good that cake becomes is then the direct result of applying the fundamental concepts of risk management [SWOT] and logically then examining those results in a best outcomes overall test [BOOT]

This is where Optimum Enterprises helped produce the correct solution. Clients came from the Gold Coast, around to Toowoomba, and as far north as Gympie, and some from the UK and New Zealand! We provide not only advice, but "hands on" assistance, advice on or supply of all types of office technology - computer hardware and software, support and training. Services offered included:

And now, today, I offer the same services, expertise and knowledge to all those seeking such services. While Optimum may have consumed a third of my life, it was sufficiently rewarding and beneficial that I am happy to fill my life once more.... can I help you??? You can read more by downloading my history here

My rates are competitive and after-hours work can be catered for. I can come to you, both during office hours or after and all work is totally confidential.

For a light-hearted examination of what business can be like, I can happily suggest taking a look at the newspaper cartoon feature, Dilbert, which is syndicated all over the world, or you can take a peek here.


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