Totality is ...(a Philosophy of Life and Relationships)

This is a declaration of the philosophy, which I have determined over the many years since 1966, when I first sought out the answers to my existence on this planet, when I lived in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The search for answers still continues to this day, and will do so until my present existence ends - these pages group my thoughts into major aspects and in a order which, I hope, makes the whole concept of Totality, easier to understand. It is given with Love and is not intended to persuade you to my way of thinking - but to allow you to evaluate my thoughts openly and give you something to think about - make the most of it.

This printing is complete at October 21, 1994, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Jim Ferguson - the author of Totality 1986

You are a Totalist too, if we share these thoughts... strive to be Happy!

The Four Aspects -

The Basics - Deeper Thoughts - Relationships - Bonding

The Basics:

Totality is ...

Everything..! ;

knowing that You and I are One with your God and the Universe;

all that Is, Was and Will Be - and it All exists Now;

placing absolute faith and trust in knowing that all events will happen as and when they should - aim for your goals and know that the outcome will be as it should be;

understanding that while we all have free choice in our Life Paths, we have chosen that Life Path, which already has it's decisions known and which we now Wish to experience;

realising that, just as a flea on the back of a dog would see it's dog as the Universe; we perceive our Universe as the physical bounds; but just as the flea is mistaken, why too, can't we be also...?;

allowing yourself to "go with the flow" of your chosen Life Path - make your decisions according to your needs, and rest in the knowledge that it is the correct one for your chosen destiny;

acknowledging that, while we may not know the reason why, every part of the Universe as we perceive it, has a function, a purpose and it's existence should be not be challenged by us without good cause;

seeing that our Life is what we make it - from within the womb until after death - we are who we are meant to be, but we must always strive towards our dreams;

the awareness that "chance" meetings and "coincidences" are far more definite than that - they are in effect planned events, which by their nature, of "standing out", were meant to occur and have particular importance, so should be contemplated seriously;

realising that Time is nothing more than a measure, as is Length or Mass, and it should not become a pre-occupation to impede Life's Path; it exists only in our consciousness;

Considering these thoughts and only accepting their worth, when you have examined them and believe, in your heart - wholly, that you agree with them - only take into yourself, those which you believe;

Deeper Thoughts:

Totality is ...

realising the complexity of Being, in coordinating the myriad of energies and decisions necessary for All to exist, even just for a instant, let alone a week, a year, or a millennium; and sensing how, even our own, humble self, has our own part in it all;

understanding the symbolism of the letter T - the basis of the Ankh Cross, the Crucifix and others, and representing balance in all things - left/right; good/bad; win/loss; yin/yang; fairness and equality on both sides in all ways and things - there is no single-dimensional substance or concept;

recognising how the letter T is the symbol of where we each are, always, in our Life Path; just as Christianity reveres the Cross as the ultimate symbol of faith, Life is always presenting decisions, the very moment now, while reading this, we have to decide to continue or stop, a binary YES or NO - just as computers function, so de we - Aldous Huxley, in "Brave New World" depicted a society revering the letter T from the creation of the Ford "model T" motor car, when mass production was deemed to have begun - we should think of that symbol when contemplating Totality;

being aware that we enter a physical life after conception but before birth - in humans, it is most likely at the time of the first kick; and we leave the physical life around the time of it's death - perhaps before, some just after, others simultaneously -depending on our need;

seeing the parallel between our existence and that of a steam locomotive - the engine may be small or large, ornate or plain, fast or slow, powerful or weak; to function, it needs water and energy, at the correct rate to work properly - too little or too much is not correct; some travel easy terrain while others choose mountainous journeys; some bring with them many carriages, which slow the journey, others very few; the train does not know where it is going but just follows the tracks upon which it sits - only the driver knows the destination; for some the journey is short while others must go on for a long long time; the end of a journey may come suddenly, as in the case of an accident or just a small distance between stations, while others can see the final station on their journey and can prepare to stop; during the journey, the train can pick up additional carriages, thus changing its overall appearance and performance, and it can detach others also with similar effect.

Often the journey requires passing through junctions which route the train from it's direct course and sometimes, on twin tracks, they pass other trains, coming from their past, which is it's future - and maybe they have stories to tell, like it's own.

Ultimately, just as the train was first created to travel it's journey, it must also come to a final end, but in many cases, it is not the end; for the parts go on and become the parts of yet other machines or structures and so one cannot really ever say when the end IS the end, can one?;

believing that the conclusion of one life, is only the end of that form, but it is also the welcoming back into The One which is all of us - and is not something strange or new, but our true "home" where we can be our real Being; and we should not be afraid or fear this return;

seeing that one person's future may be another's past - as when travelling a highway from opposite directions, each will encounter the same geography at different moments in their respective lives, yet neither knows what is to come in their own journey; but also, though one may perceive the other's future at that instant, by the time the other reaches that same point, the conditions may have again altered; hence "fortune telling" while possible, is still an imperfect view of one's true future - the closer to each other, the more accurate the likely projection will be, impacts can still occur which neither will have observed, but which also can affect reality;

the absolute acceptance of the concept of impermanence of all things - nothing exists forever; in fact nothing is the same one second later - the same person cannot walk through the same stream twice...;

like an orchestra - finely tuned and in harmony - producing a wholesome sound in unison, yet made up from many separate, sometimes simple or brief individual performances - each one essential and integral to the whole - Oneness for the ears; but just as an orchestra exists in order to produce the unified performance - it is not for the orchestra's own benefit at all, but for it's audience - Totality then is both the orchestra and it's audience, thus the greater whole, which is The One;

contemplating the fact that everyone experiences suffering in their day to day lives - even the ending of joy and good conditions invites sadness and disappointment, so we should all strive to not become too attached to anything - enjoy but don't covet, people or things;

the Energy in the smallest particle of matter, the Emotion which motivates us and the Life which sustains us;

the grasping fragments of thought which may exist for but a millisecond, but during which, may seem like eternity - substance within the void, filling it but still leaving immense space between at the same time;

sensing that "deja vu" and "been there before" are real feelings and are a sign of having already lived the event previously or knew that it was to be during one's Life Path - a sign of the preordained nature of our existence;

seeing the "soul" is the link to a physical body and as the essence which has the Substance of energy, the Objectives of the existence, the Uniqueness of spirit and the Love which drives us;

being aware that so many different aspects of our existence are recycled - or regenerated - from eon to eon: air, water and their essential elements - oxygen and hydrogen - this is the

same recycling of life paths which we also experience, from one to the next and so on - not all is regenerated, some can be retained or converted for some cycles, just as we can remain in Oneness for a period, or just go into other lives, as we will; this is like saying that we, today, are breathing the same air as the dinosaurs - recycled yes, but still the same - so we, also, are recycled too;

accepting that, while everyone's journey through a Life must eventually end, no one truly welcomes that moment - for the uncertainty of the next journey, after the known features of this one, can still present a hurdle for anyone's inner strength; but since we know it must happen, just as we were born at the start, it is not the end - this experience is not without purpose, it has happened millions of times before this and will happen millions of times after... our earthly attachments only shroud our true presence and we will continue;

accepting the wisdom and insight contained in the Desiderata - the charter found in the Old Saint Paul's church, In Baltimore, USA, dated 1692 - giving contemplation to the value of those words, written so long ago, yet still relevent in this modern world;


Totality is ...

accepting that we can consciously be any one, or all the players in our daily relationships, be they human, animal or whatever, simply by taking that form in another existence; so we should treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves, since we may very well be doing so;

accepting that all of Man's many religions, whether we realise it or not, are focused on the same common deity - The One - their messengers and prophets, all have carried the same fundamental words of guidance, to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself;

expressing the only constructive emotion, Love, to all - even one's supposed enemies, since it can be given and received, even if it is not sought by the receiver and it will keep on passing, leaving it's presence as it goes;

is giving without the expectation of reward or self-gratification; to share in Life's gifts to us, no matter how humble you might think they are - another may welcome them like gold;

embracing the three L's of Life - namely

Love - all and everything around you, do nothing which might detract from that Love,

Laugh - always strive to be happy, enjoy what Life has provided you with,

Learn - knowledge and discovery is wonderful, accept all of Life's daily lessons, they are all invaluable.

--- think then of Life as "LLLife" - so LLLive..! ;

being moderate in all things at all times and not seeking the most of anything or anyone - greed and excess are far from a balanced Life;

being able to give up our most valuable and cherished possessions or aspirations to another and not despair - for we really should not "own" anything, but only "borrow" from this existence - this way universal Love wins against greed, once again, and impermanence is proven to be real;

understanding that every species has been charged with its own physical survival - the "survival of the fittest" concept which takes the burden from The One in ensuring individual propagation; that "gene dominance" is simply a function of our environment; wars therefore are as "natural" as are earthquakes;

seeing that "Oneness" as we all ultimately are, is not a balanced existence: that is why a duality is the dominant form of being, as in male and female (and evidenced in the form of our sexes and their "natural" union) - as in having two eyes, duality broadens perception and, when multiplied by the billions, transforms into the totality of existence - which is, once again, The One;


Totality is ...

the acceptance of the term "bond" as the level of affection which transcends the Universal Love which we should all express to everyone - saying "I love you" should not be so special, but that which is correct -to say "I am bonded with you" should reflect that of deep emotional and caring respect between a man and a woman, such as marriage or other similar long-term commitment;

experiencing Oneness at that moment when a man and woman, who are bonded together, share the climax of union together, even for the briefest of moments, but still recognised - "coming" means together, becoming One, the merging of two beings into One existence - and, given the right conditions, even creating one new being from that joining of the two;

seeing the difference between the true bonding of a couple and the "institution" of marriage - the bond is one made in the heart, yet preserves the rights of each to their own being and Life Path - marriage is more a contract of possession where each relinquishes their own rights to create a new partnership, with the intention of creating a new, common Life Path; in reality, only marriages which already have a real bond between the couple can have any chance of being truly lasting and happy; the fact is, really, that if a bond exists, the "act" of marriage is not necessary to either party - instead, all that is necessary, for a couple to declare their wish to travel their Life Paths together, is for them to publicly announce their mutual bonding before their friends, this then allows for the Love of their friends to be received by the couple and so further strengthen them in their Life together - should such a declaration need be registered for civil purposes, then their friends need just witness some document of the event with a civil representative - "Marriage" is but a piece of paper, which sadly, is so often torn, blotted and discarded - whereas "Bonding" should be like glue or cement, strong, solid and permanent;

realising that a couple who are bonded do not necessarily need to rely on sexual joining to maintain their Oneness, but the sexual relations provide pleasure and gratification, helping to ensure that they are happy and at peace with the world - such relations also help ensure the continuity of the species (common to almost every living organism) and are good - for both body, mind and soul - celibacy, as distinct from any physical or mental incapacity, on the other hand, creates imbalance and is completely contrary to the principle of duality equating with Oneness.